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Pakistan Journal of Surgery and Medicine is a signatory of San Francisco Declaration of Research Agreement (DORA) and in lines with DORA agreement, we have introduced Article Stats.
We do not promote the Journal Impact Factor (JIF)- but have to include the metric on our website for the time being, but have not mentioned its addition to any promotional emails, brochures, or other marketing materials.

This will be monthly updated. 

This Update: Oct-22-2020

Sr NoAuthorsTitleReadsDownloadsCitations
01Anwer AEmerging Global Health Crisis of our times- Climate change.18291N/A
02Anwar MIEmpathy and Role modeling. Is it missing?11134N/A
03Sarfraz ZThe Social and Economic Burden of Smog in Pakistan.18849602
04Ullah EThe Novel coronavirus outbreak: A challenge beyond borders4897702
05Jehan I et alPrevalence of Muscle dysmorphia and associated health activities in male medical students in Karachi, Pakistan.253155N/A
06Labeeq M et al.The Economic impact of Lower Extremity Amputations in Diabetics. A retrospective study from A Tertiary Care Hospital Of Faisalabad, Pakistan.43527N/A
07Ahmed B et al.Correlation of Atrial Fibrillation with Left Atrial Volume in Patients with Mitral Stenosis. A single centre study from Pakistan.14836N/A
08Sarfraz A et al.Acute-on-chronic liver failure: MELD score 30-day mortality predictability and etiology in a Pakistani population.16369N/A
09Arslan HRM et al.Relative Odds of Neck Pain to Helmet Use Among Motorcyclists: A Case-Control Study.20620N/A
10Sarfraz Z et al.Predatory Journals: A Literature Review26258001
11Mudassir M et al.Fungi – An amalgam of Toxins and Antibiotics: A Mini-Review.20235N/A
12Khan SU et al.A Rare Case of Foreign Body Ingestion, Mimicking as Mesenteric Cyst. “Case Report”.331901
13Gul P et al.Ruptured Unilateral Twin Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy. Case Report of an oddity & Literature Review.9244NA
14Raza VF et al.Hyperparathyroidism presenting as acute pancreatitis: Case Report of mortality.12916NA
15Iftikhar S et al.Awareness of Swine Flu Among the Medical Students of Shaikh Zayed Medical College Rahim Yar Khan.2073901
16Kamran M et al.Professional Secrecy And Privileged Communication In Medical Practice.3404901
17Khalid T et al.Analysis of Essential Medicines Used for Emergency Care in Pakistan6939N/A
18Shaikh I et al.Cholecysto-duodenal fistula causing Gallstone Ileus.657N/A
19Saghir R et al.Retrospective Autopsy based analysis of nature and prevalence of Fatal Injuries in Lahore.12028N/A
20Tariq M et al.Anatomical Variations of Radial Artery-Its morphology and Clinical Implications.11730N/A
21Malik AR et al.Last Rituals and handling of deceased in corona pandemic2262401
22Anwer AThe deadliest of errors is denying that one has erred. Errata Pak J Surg Med Volume 1 Issue 1.7131N/A
23Mustafa BRe: The Onus of Doctors13207N/A
24Yasmin F et al.The association between cannabis use and testicular germ cell tumor.11158N/A
25Ochani RK et al.HIV outbreak in Pakistan – a wake-up call?8182N/A
26Butt N et al.The effect of physical activity on stress levels of medical students: A cross-sectional analysis13695N/A
27Khan ZB et al.Assessment of psychosocial work environment of doctors17021N/A
28Niyaf A et al.Effectiveness and safety of endoscopic vs open carpal tunnel release: Single center experience from Maldives9505N/A
29Gul P et al.Bezoar as a cause of gastric perforation in young female patient: A Case Report10809N/A
30Hanif MI et al.Post COVID-19 Industrial Revolution 5.0. The dawn of Cobot, Chipbot and Curbot20096N/A
31Iqbal MRCOVID-19 Pandemic: How, When and Where?2004302

Note: Vol 1 No 3 articles will be updated after publication of issue.