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Pakistan Journal of Surgery and Medicine is a signatory of San Francisco Declaration of Research Agreement (DORA) and in lines with DORA agreement, we have introduced Article Stats.

This will be monthly updated. 

This Update: Oct-22-2020

Sr NoAuthorsTitleReadsDownloadsCitations
01Anwer AEmerging Global Health Crisis of our times- Climate change.18291N/A
02Anwar MIEmpathy and Role modeling. Is it missing?11134N/A
03Sarfraz ZThe Social and Economic Burden of Smog in Pakistan.18849604
04Ullah EThe Novel coronavirus outbreak: A challenge beyond borders4897702
05Jehan I et alPrevalence of Muscle dysmorphia and associated health activities in male medical students in Karachi, Pakistan.253155N/A
06Labeeq M et al.The Economic impact of Lower Extremity Amputations in Diabetics. A retrospective study from A Tertiary Care Hospital Of Faisalabad, Pakistan.43527N/A
07Ahmed B et al.Correlation of Atrial Fibrillation with Left Atrial Volume in Patients with Mitral Stenosis. A single centre study from Pakistan.14836N/A
08Sarfraz A et al.Acute-on-chronic liver failure: MELD score 30-day mortality predictability and etiology in a Pakistani population.16369N/A
09Arslan HRM et al.Relative Odds of Neck Pain to Helmet Use Among Motorcyclists: A Case-Control Study.20620N/A
10Sarfraz Z et al.Predatory Journals: A Literature Review26258001
11Mudassir M et al.Fungi – An amalgam of Toxins and Antibiotics: A Mini-Review.20235N/A
12Khan SU et al.A Rare Case of Foreign Body Ingestion, Mimicking as Mesenteric Cyst. “Case Report”.331901
13Gul P et al.Ruptured Unilateral Twin Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy. Case Report of an oddity & Literature Review.9244NA
14Raza VF et al.Hyperparathyroidism presenting as acute pancreatitis: Case Report of mortality.12916NA
15Iftikhar S et al.Awareness of Swine Flu Among the Medical Students of Shaikh Zayed Medical College Rahim Yar Khan.2073901
16Kamran M et al.Professional Secrecy And Privileged Communication In Medical Practice.3404901
17Khalid T et al.Analysis of Essential Medicines Used for Emergency Care in Pakistan6939N/A
18Shaikh I et al.Cholecysto-duodenal fistula causing Gallstone Ileus.657N/A
19Saghir R et al.Retrospective Autopsy based analysis of nature and prevalence of Fatal Injuries in Lahore.12028N/A
20Tariq M et al.Anatomical Variations of Radial Artery-Its morphology and Clinical Implications.11730N/A
21Malik AR et al.Last Rituals and handling of deceased in corona pandemic2262401
22Anwer AThe deadliest of errors is denying that one has erred. Errata Pak J Surg Med Volume 1 Issue 1.7131N/A
23Mustafa BRe: The Onus of Doctors13207N/A
24Yasmin F et al.The association between cannabis use and testicular germ cell tumor.11158N/A
25Ochani RK et al.HIV outbreak in Pakistan – a wake-up call?8182N/A
26Butt N et al.The effect of physical activity on stress levels of medical students: A cross-sectional analysis13695N/A
27Khan ZB et al.Assessment of psychosocial work environment of doctors17021N/A
28Niyaf A et al.Effectiveness and safety of endoscopic vs open carpal tunnel release: Single center experience from Maldives9505N/A
29Gul P et al.Bezoar as a cause of gastric perforation in young female patient: A Case Report10809N/A
30Hanif MI et al.Post COVID-19 Industrial Revolution 5.0. The dawn of Cobot, Chipbot and Curbot20096N/A
31Iqbal MRCOVID-19 Pandemic: How, When and Where?2004302

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