Vol 1 No 2 (May – July 2020)

Pakistan Journal of Surgery & Medicine
E-ISSN: 2708-0285
P-ISSN: 2708-0277

Vol 1 No 2
May-July 2020
Date of Publication: 11th May 2020

TitleAuthorStudy TypePagesPDF
Last Rituals and handling of deceased in corona pandemicArif Rasheed Malik et al.Editorial91-93Download
The deadliest of errors is denying that one has erred. Errata Pak J Surg Med Volume 1 Issue 1.Ammar AnwerErrata94Download
Re: The Onus of DoctorsBiah MustafaElectronic Opinion95Download
The association between cannabis use and testicular germ cell tumor.Farah Yasmin et al.Letter to Editor96-97Download
HIV outbreak in Pakistan – a wake-up call?Ochani RK et al.Letter to Editor98-99Download
The effect of physical activity on stress levels of medical students: A cross-sectional analysisNausharwan Butt et al.Original Article100-105Download
Assessment of psychosocial work environment of doctorsZainab Bashir Khan et al.Original Article106-112Download
Effectiveness and safety of endoscopic vs open carpal tunnel release: Single center experience from MaldivesAli Niyaf et al.Original Article113-117Download
Bezoar as a cause of gastric perforation in young female patient: A Case ReportPalwasha Gul et al.Case Report118-121Download
Post COVID-19 Industrial Revolution 5.0. The dawn of Cobot, Chipbot and CurbotMuhammad Iftikhar Hanif et al.Perspective122-126Download
COVID-19 Pandemic: How, When and Where?Muhammad Rafaih IqbalTimeline127-132Download

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